Gov/Church rites v human rights

Regarding human rights versus government rites;

Yes, very many Europeans regret denial of the rite for allowing the “selected” public to keep and bear firearms. Ironically, this is NOT any more a fundamental, individual, human right than the government or church rite of marriage. This might shock or offend many alleged conservatives but is an obvious fact.

There is no fundamental human right to keep and bear firearms because firearms must first be purchased or be otherwise acquired making this ritual fairly obvious. The plainly obvious reason marriage is not a fundamental human right leaves SCOTUS, 2015 appearing logically senile in addition to being culturally senile. No single individual human on earth can ever be married. The marriage rite, whether recognized by a church or State, requires two individuals.

See this explained as well as read of how Hon Antonin Scalia reacted to an explanation of the error of Citizens United (Yes; Hon. Antonin Scalia regretted this) on Feb. 26, 2015 in about 2,750 words below with linked sources.

Hon Antonin Scalia was assured privacy till death. Unable to convince another two to protect fetal human dignity by Jan. 11, 2016 there was no longer reasons for Hon Antonin Scalia to persevere and watch over this failed nation.

This “Copy[rite] Manifesto” needs the diligent work of a good editor but is very close. On the three websies below you may see a writing addressing fetal abortion, the copy[rite] heterographic, anonymous online pornography for children, and gay marage. This manifesto links all these contentious issues to an intentional early American misspelling by a noted Christian lawyer though apposed by wholly secular Deist and polymath, Benjamin Franklin. (Includes HTML of Act 301 abortion limit Petition for Certiorari denied Jan. 11, 2016) (Includes HTML of appeal for Eighth Circuit to reconsider America’s dishonorable courts)

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